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Risk Management and Compliance Seminar

Risk Management and Compliance Seminar

Friday, 14 Jul 2017

10:00am - 3:00pm

Risk Management and Compliance Seminar Sydney

The National Risk Consultants Association is Hosting this years Risk Management and Compliance Seminar!

The Seminar will be aimed at informing Schools, Councils, and Building Managers how they can reduce risk and meet compliance requirements. Industry experts will be available on the day to discuss your problems and help you to develop solutions.

Speakers from Risk Management and Compliance Organisations include the Risk Management Training Organisation, Beaware Solutions, STOPit Solutions, MBM, Consult Code,  Essential DM, Learning Wise, Safety Solutions NSW and More!

Refreshments will be provided.


When: Thursday, 14 July 2017 for 2 sessions at  10:00am - 12:00pm and 01:00pm - 03:00pm

Where: Club Willoughby, Crabbes Avenue, Willoughby

Cost: FREE! Come along, have a snack, a chat and listen to ways you can improve your situation

Speakers Include:

Your host – Brendan Horgan representing National Risk Consultants Association.

Greg Muir, Beaware Solutions
Having over 40 years experience in risk and emergency management, Greg will provide an overview of risk management, how to identify hazards and control measures, and minimum requirements to be compliant with WHS legislation regarding emergency management.

Serge Zorino, Safety Solutions NSW
A Lead Auditor in WHS Management Systems and renowned Safety Expert, Serge will guide you through the errors and omissions that have caused organisations grief during incident investigations.

Adam Barbaro, Risk Management Training Organisation
Having a background in defence organisations and IT Adam will guide you through the benefits of online training, with advice on maximising staff exposure to workplace training in a cost-effective way.

Sue Leslie, LearningWise
A specialist in enhancing training & performance outcomes for businesses for nearly 30 years, Sue can advise on how you can maximise your investment in training so it returns a real benefit to your bottom-line.

Advise you on building maintenance so you can be sure your asset management strategies meet business needs and legal requirements. Their advice covers preventative and reactive maintenance, minor works and life-cycle replacement.

Sean Connolly, Consult Code Solutions
A highly regarded Building Surveyor, Certifier and Access Consultant, Sean will advise you on your compliance requirements with regard to Building Codes of Australia, particularly in relation to the maintenance of Essential Fire Safety Measures and the contents of fire safety engineering reports.

Bill Stinson, Essential Document Management
Specialising in building and project management, Bill provides an overview of how important it is to have ready access to building records and the documents that are required for best practice in facility management.

Greg Moss, STOPit and DOCUMENTIt Solutions
With a new concept that has been recognised world-wide, Greg will introduce a new App that is rapidly gaining popularity for managing Cyber bullying. The same App in a different context can be used to readily identify hazards and faults in the workplace and ensure an action plan is implemented to rectify in a timely manner, preventing injury and the possibility of litigation.

Event Location

Club Willoughby
Willoughby, NSW, 2067

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