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An event manager needs to have above-average organisation and communication skills. He/she needs to be able to think outside the box, on their feet and get problems resolved in seconds. The manager needs to have the ability of working with every kind of person and be able to do event visualising from beginning to end while at the same time know what steps to take to get everything done. Event managers need to have great skills in time management as well as the ability to prioritise tasks. They also need to have the ability to multi-task and react on a timely basis. Good managers for events handle several situations and people at the same time. The ability of being able to predict costs accurately, find bargains and manage funds will help event managers stay inside their budgets. They also need to be excellent managers of people and able to assess complications and difficulties of the team and swiftly deal with these to keep everything smoothly running. Event managers that are effective need to have great skills in problem solving as well as superior skills in communication.

NRCA consultants can plan and manage an event, or play a role in mitigating the risks associated with the type of event.

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